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Mini Accelerometers - VIB 6.20x

Compact design fits into any narrow location
Vibration accelerometers of the series VIB 6.20x are used in industrial environments for measuring
  • vibration acceleration occuring in rotating machinery
  • pump cavitation
  • shock pulse signals occuring in roller bearings
Vibration accelerometers of the series VIB 6.20x XD and VIB 6.203-x XD respectively, are certified for use in ‘potentially explosive environments’ according to directive 94/9/EG.

The compact design of this accelerometer and the position of the cable, which is passed through the sensor base, reduces the installation space required for this accelerometer considerably.

Industrial Accelerometers – VIB 6.1xx

Measure three parameters with one sensor
PRÜFTECHNIK industrial accelerometers for continuous condition monitoring cut hardware costs by allowing simultaneous measurement of
  • machine vibration,
  • bearing condition and
  • pump cavitation with one and the same sensor
  • Tandem-Piezo patent eliminates weaknesses of shear and compression designs
  • Current line drive signal requires no additional amplification, even over long distances, and prevents ground loop effects
  • Wide range of special versions available ex stock
  • Intrinsic safety (option)


Sensor for automatic & error-free data collection
VIBCODE is the world's first intelligent system to ensure accurate data collection by any operator, thereby enhancing trending reliability and eliminating repeat measurements due to mixups.

The measurement stud is encoded with location number and measurement type. A special patented probe locks onto the stud to measure both vibration and bearing condition (shock pulse) with excellent signal transmission and repeatability.

It also allows the data collector to recognize each location and to take the programmed measurement(s) fully automatically.

  • Automatically detects measurement location
  • Error-free transfer of measurement information
  • Measures signals on low-speed machines (>2 Hz)
  • Intrinsic safety (option)

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