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The VIBXPERT II combines the advantages of a rapid processor with a brilliant energy-efficient color VGA display. Enhanced with an Fmax of 51KHz and up to 102,400 Lines of Resolution, all machinery problems can be captured and easily analyzed on the VIBXPERT II large color screen.

The VIBXPERT II Basic platform is a 1-channel device which can be upgraded at any time to 2 individually configured channels via a special passcode —user upgradable, does not require hardware changes.

All forms of machine vibrations, bearing conditions, process data and visual inspection information can be collected and stored on the expandable Compact Flash Card (up to 8 gigabyte) for report generation or for later transfer to the OMNITREND software for further analysis, reporting and archiving.

The VIBXPERT II provides an easy-to-use icon driven platform that offers comprehensive analysis functionality for the diagnosis of simple or very complex vibration problems. Capabilities include order spectrum, phase, cepstrum, cross-channel phase, orbits, run-up and coast-down measurements, bump test, negative averaging and more. Analysis tools, including various cursor types, machine-specific frequency markers, signal post processing, and extensive bearing databases are included for evaluating each spectrum. Alarm notifications based on ISO standards or user-defined standards are visually identified with the aid of colored LEDs.

VIBXPERT II is lightweight —only 2.5 pounds! Its robust housing is dustproof and water resistant (IP65). VIBXPERT II is delivered with a carrying pouch with includes a breakaway shoulder strap for safety during data collection.

The VIBXPERT II features modular functionality including dynamic balancing, extended time waveform recording, transient data capture, UFF file export, Modal/ODS support and more.

As with all our vibration data collectors with the new VIBXPERT II you will enjoy the benefits of free updates, low ownership cost and unlimited tech support from the proven leaders of maintenance technology.


Intrinsically safe data collector. For monitoring and diagnosing machine conditions in the chemical industry, in refineries, in the oil and gas industry and in any other potentially explosive environment that requires intrinsically safe measuring systems. Intrinsic safety: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4


The experts FFT data collector & signal analyzer. VIBXPERT is a high performance, full-featured 1 or 2 channel FFT data collector and signal analyzer which allows easy condition monitoring of equipment found in many industries such as power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper. VIBXPERT collects field data including vibration information, bearing condition, inspection and process data and integrates with PRÜFTECHNIK’s OMNITREND maintenance information platform. Intrinsic safe version available! Highlights: fast data acquisition & complete evaluation on-site, knowledge-based setups – ideal for beginners, comfortable for experts, collects route and off-route data, dynamic balancing in one or two planes (optional) and connection for almost all sensor types.

  • Measurement
  • Characteristic overall values
  • (vibration, bearing condition, temperature, RPM)
  • Amplitude spectrum
  • Envelope spectrum
  • Time wave form
  • Order analysis
  • Cepstrum
  • Coast down measurement
  • Phase measurement (also cross channel)
  • Orbit
  • Process data (e.g. pressure)
  • Inspection data (e.g. fluid level)
  • Diagnosis
  • Fault frequency database for machines, bearings and gearboxes simplifies machinery fault diagnosis
  • Multiple cursor functions for precise signal evaluation
  • Trending of characteristic overall values
  • Recording of characteristic overall values and spectra
  • Waterfall and cascade diagram
  • Equipment
  • 2 true synchronous channel capabilities for diagnosis of complex machinery faults
  • Unlimited storage capacity via replaceable compact flash cards
  • Four indicator LEDs (red-yellow-green-blue) show alarm violation according to ISO standards.
  • Daylight sensor controls keyboard illumination
  • Dust and water proof (IP65) - ideal for use in demanding environments
  • Robust connection technology (compatible with VIBSCANNER)
  • Connector for type K thermocouples
  • Signal output for headphones, and strobe light
  • Ergonomics
  • Large backlit display (½ VGA: 480 x 320 Pixels, 16 grey levels) for easy reading, comprehensive data presentation and interpretation
  • Lightweight and handy design
  • Easy-to-use joy stick operation
  • Icon based user interface
  • Color-coded cable connectors
  • Topic sensitive help function
  • Multilingual - even Chinese!
  • Carrying pouch
  • Automatic measurement location identification with the proven VIBCODE transducer
  • Power supply
  • Powered by the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology for at least 8 hours operation
  • Smart internal battery charging
  • Automatic power management (display & clock rate)
  • Power supply Rechargeable battery
  • Communication
  • Network compatible
  • PC connection via USB, Ethernet and RS232
  • Operating system is Embedded Linux
  • Technical Specifications
  • Display TFT, pixel, backlit

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Smart 3-in-1 solution for vibration analysis, shaft alignment and balancing Currently smartSCANNER is the most versatile measurement system for machine service and maintenance. It combines the extensive measurement and analysis functions of the tried-and-tested VIBSCANNER data collector with the precision alignment options of the smartALIGN laser optical shaft alignment system.
  • include machine vibration
  • horizontal alignment
  • balancing, bearing condition
  • RPM measurement
  • machine train alignment
  • gear diagnosis
  • temperature
  • machine diagnosis
  • process parameters
  • pump cavitation
  • softfoot
  • vertical alignment and data collection

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Advanced hand-held condition monitoring. VIBSCANNER is a measuring instrument for the diagnosis and recording of machine conditions. The transducers required for this are already integrated so that the time consuming task of changing to different transducers and cables is no longer necessary. VIBSCANNER is also a data collector. You can use it to transfer the stored measurement results to your PC. The OMNITREND software processes the data and checks whether any limits have been exceeded. For the visualization, the data are displayed graphically in a diagram (trend, spectrum, time signal). A comprehensive report function supports the documentation and archiving of the machine data acquired.

Together with the VIBCODE transducer, the VIBSCANNER recognizes the measurement location number absolutely safely and reliably and performs the necessary measurement tasks virtually independently.

  • Built-in tranducers for
  • - Vibration velocity / acceleration / displacement
  • - Bearing condition (shock pulse)
  • - RPM, temperature, cavitation
  • Almost any type of transducer can be connected (current, voltage, displacement, ICP,..)
  • Measurement / Input of process parameters
  • (e.g. continuous flow rate)
  • Evaluation of the measurement results relative to warning/alarm thresholds (ISO)
  • Shockproof, waterproof enclosure (IP 65)
  • Intrinsic safety is available as an option
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Entry-level data collector. VIBROTIP is an extremely rugged and easy-to-use hand-held data collector for five key indicators of machine condition. All sensors are built in, with no cumbersome cables or fragile plugs. VIBCODE (optional) can be used to eliminate mixups of measurement location and type, and OMNITREND PC software automatically archives trend data, issues warnings and alarms and programs VIBROTIP with all desired measurements.

  • Key features
  • 1 analog measurement channel
  • Route mode (data collector)
  • Segment display
  • Simple 3-key operation
  • Battery operation
  • Lightweight (300 g)
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  • Technical specifications Request further details
  • 5-in-1 measuring tool
    VIBROTIP provides built-in sensors for the 5 most important machine condition parameters:
  • Vibration severity
  • Bearing condition
  • Rotational speed
  • Temperature
  • Pump cavitation
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