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OMNITREND allows you to define your condition monitoring procedure, to store and to analyze data, to create comprehensive reports and to communicate with your
Even alignment data from ROTALIGN and smartALIGN can be conveniently administrated and archived in OMNITREND.


Reports - always up-to-date, interactive, specific
OMNITREND web is an add-on program for OMNITREND. It is used to create, print and save reports using templates and measurement data from the OMNITREND database. Reports are automatically generated by mouse click on the basis of the templates and sequences that span the entire database, single machine trains or plant sections. Reports can then be interactively edited (zoom, cursor,...), exported (PDF) and permanently saved in the database.
    OMNITREND web is distinguished by the following features:
  • Automatic generation of reports through the entire database, machine trains or plant sections
  • Permanent report saving
  • PDF export
  • Grafical user interface
  • Individual design of templates, sequences and reports
  • User-dependent saving of settings
  • Network-capable database system with Web Service interface (client-server only)
  • Data transfer between databases and third-party systems
  • Simultaneous user access to one or more OMNITREND databases (client-server only)
  • Installation of the server on a remote PC in the LAN or Internet
  • Updating and starting of the user interface (client) with Java Web Start (client-server only).
  • Password protection
  • Individual user rights
  • Group access rights
  • Multi-user license system
  • Java-based 32-bit application for Windows
  • Client-server- or single-user version

i Learn Vibration [Professional]

Practical Training, Reference and Diagnostic Aid. iLearnVibration [Professional] is an interactive, CD-ROM based training course. It will take you step by step through the principles behind predictive maintenance, through the technologies involved, focusing on vibration analysis. It includes:

iLearnVibration will help you understand why you engage in predictive maintenance activities, and cover many of the technologies involved. The focus is vibration analysis where we cover everything from the fundamentals of vibration and waveforms, through measurement collection and signal processing, to diagnosing machine faults and running a successful program.

The Reference Center is designed to be a valuable resource when you have questions. You can quickly look-up diagnostic information, vibration symptoms, perform conversions, view forcing frequencies, and search the training material based on a question you have.

iLearnCaseHistories is a database of real vibration measurements from real machines with real problems that you can analyze on screen with our powerful software and “play” into your collector. Learn from experts, and get experience with data collection and analysis.

iLearnHandsOn is a database of vibration recordings taken from an advanced "machinery fault test rig". By simply clicking on the "virtual" test rig, you can analyze vibration data on screen, or play the data into your data collector.

iLearnSignals will help you to understand signals, waveforms and spectra. Like a virtual spectrum analyzer, you get to control the measurement settings and you create the signal. Start simple and work your way up. Create your own signals and see their spectra, or use the simulations and tutorials to understand more complex subjects.

iLearnMachineFaults allows you to build machines by dragging and dropping components on a page. Not only do you see the forcing frequencies that would be generated, but also the simulated waveform and spectrum.

iLearnCertification is designed to help you become self-certified. A person can sit a Vibration Technician, Vibration Level I and Vibration Level II test. These tests can be self-imposed, or an employee can choose to monitor the test for in-house certification. This module is also helpful for the person planning to sit ASNT, or some other certification exam.
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