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VIBRONET Signalmaster - Machine Surveillance

Online Condition Monitoring for up to 162 locations
Premounted in a robust switching cabinet, the system is designed for quick and easy commissioning, while being easily expandable. The user can access the Signalmaster as easily as a Homepage on the Internet. All the functions for in-depth diagnosis are provided via an integrated Webserver so that, apart from a standard browser, no special PC software is needed. System installation, maintenance and measurements are performed online via the Intranet/ Ethernet or Internet – worldwide at local rates.
    The application range includes:
  • Drive motor
  • Pump
  • Fan
  • Simple gear transmission
  • Other 'standard' machines and aggregates
  • 6 analog inputs (1 of them synchronous)
  • 2 Tacho inputs / 1 key phaser
  • 4 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
  • Measures: Time waveform, envelope spectrum, amplitude (FFT)
    spectrum, shock pulse, acceleration (RMS), vibration velocity
    (peak, RMS)
  • Automatic signal recording after an alarm
  • Communication via TCP/IP
  • Programmed via OMNITREND PC software
  • Networked (Ethernet / Internet)
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Special solutions
For special monitoring tasks (e.g. extruders, wind turbines), measurement functions can be added and individually tailored. Both special and standard versions can be integrated into any company network and accessed by several users at the same time.

VIBROWEB XP – Expert level

Diagnostic Online Condition Monitoring
VIBROWEB XP is a compact monitoring and diagnostic system which was specially developed for production-critical or process-critical special machines:
  • Extruders
  • Process ventilators
  • Special drives
  • Remote pumping stations
  • Emergency power supplies (UPS)
VIBROWEB XP runs through the programmed measurement tasks autonomously – even without a PC connection. As an intelligent diagnostic robot, it detects different operating states of a system and independently adapts the recording and evaluation of the measured data to these states.
  • Operating-state-dependent measurement and alarms
  • Machine diagnostics with time waveform, spectrum (amplitude, envelope), inegration of the spectrum, order analysis, cepstrum
  • Fast measurement channel switchover - ideal for variable operating conditions, such as changes in load & RPM
  • Also suitable for machines with low RPM
  • Compact, simple installation – ideal for individual aggregates
  • Connection for LineDrive or ICP accelerometers
  • Automatic alarm notification by eMail, SMS, Fax
  • Autonomous in operation - measurement, evaluation, saving, alarm notification without a PC connection
  • Sending of measurement data, remote access and remote control via Ethernet, modem or radio – ideal for service staff!
  • User-friendly data evaluation and measurement settings with OMNITREND PC software

VIBROWEB - Advanced Level

'Plug-N Play' Online Condition Based Machine Monitoring. VIBROWEB is the automated solution to an existing route-based CbM Program. The Black Box Technology replaces pre-installed switch boxes, connected to permanently mounted transducers. This dynamic system can be configured and changed in the field to accept a wide variety of sensor technologies. A “Plug-N Play” card configures each sensor for up to 32 channels. Eight additional inputs are available for speed measurements. All sensors are powered simultaneously to greatly reduce data collection cycle time! Remote monitoring of production machinery can be accomplished from the comfort of your office. Alarm notifications and tele-diagnosis is accomplished through any Internet browser. Typical applications: standard machines (motor, pump, fan,...), machines with variable speed/ load (gear, extruder)and sleeve bearings. Key features: compatible to almost any sensor type (ICP, PT100, strain gage,...), 32 analog inputs (16x2 synchronous), 8 Tacho/ Pulse inputs, 4 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs, measures and stores: time waveform, spectrum, integration of the spectrum, envelope, orbit, shock pulse, acceleration (RMS) and vibration velocity (peak, RMS). Plug-in cards for signal conditioning, short meas. cycles (typical 2 minutes), programmed via OMNITREND PC software, networked (Ethernet / Internet), stand-alone - no PC required and sophisticated alarming.

VIBNODE 'Low Speed" Slow Mover

Perfect solution for low-speed machines
VIBNODE 'Low-Speed' is based on the VIBNODE standard system. Its hardware and software are perfectly tuned to measure signals from low-speed machines.
  • 'Low-Speed' features
  • 16 bit ADC
  • Autoranging
  • 4 amplification stages: 1, 10, 100, 1000
  • Special filters for low-speed machines

VIBNODE - Entry Level

Perfect entry level solution for Online Condition Monitoring
VIBNODE is a small monitoring system which was specially developed for production-critical standard machines:
  • Motors
  • Fans
  • Pumps
  • Roller bearings
  • Simple gearings
  • Economical entry-level solution with 6 or 12 channels
  • Simple installation directly on the machine – lower installation costs
  • Standard interfaces– connection to Ethernet
  • Easy operation with the proven OMNITREND software
  • Broadband and narrowband monitoring
  • Masks out noise signals
  • RPM-dependent tracking of frequency bands
  • Intelligent data reduction
  • Independent alarm generation
  • On-site intelligence: complete signal processing in VIBNODE
Economical entry-level solution
Individual machines are particularly cost-effective to monitor with 6 or 12 channels. The number of channels can be increased if required.

Decentralized – directly on-site
VIBNODE is installed directly on the machine, does not require a PC and is integrated in the company data network (Ethernet, Modbus TCP, OPC).

Quick installation
Short cable lengths, robust connection technology and ready-made cables make VIBNODE quick to install.

Flexible measurement process
The recording of broadband overall values provides information on the overall condition of the machine. On the other hand, the selective monitoring of specific damage frequencies permits reliable fault diagnosis. For variable RPM, the frequency bands are tracked. The effect of interfering signals on the trend curve can be eliminated by skillful selection of the frequency bands.

Spectrum only for alarms
To keep data traffic low, machine signals are only saved for FFT or envelope analysis if an alarm occurs.

Prompt alarming
Maintenance personnel are informed independently of alarms via Ethernet, eMail or SMS when threshold values are exceeded.

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