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OPTALIGN Smart Straightness

The first geometric application for OPTALIGN smart. The measurement of straightness is now possible using OPTALIGN smart, the laser alignment system from PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems. The application referred to as "smart straightness" is used whenever high accuracy is needed, such as in the positioning of bearings and shaft supports over long runs. The subsequent corrections are monitored LIVE. This new powerful application is available as stand alone as well as a cost effective add-on package.

  • Quick set-up thanks to the new line wizard
  • Dimensions editable in any phase of the measurement
  • Possibility to measure line at different heights
  • Extend function for surfaces with big displacements
  • Auto-routing to facilitate the user in the measurement
  • Result interpolation through the choice of up to 2 fixed points
  • Manual or automatically calculated tolerance values
  • Colour screen providing straightforward analysis of point tolerance condition
  • Measurement table to check measurement repeatability
  • Monitoring of the corrections through the LIVE MOVE function
  • Available as cost effective upgrade for existing OPTALIGN smart customers
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Manual and automatic tolerance value
  • Repeatability check with the measurement table
  • LIVE MOVE to monitor correction points
  • Device generated customizable reports
  • Technical Specifications


Measurement of flatness at a higher level. LEVALIGN Ultra is the successor to the proven LEVALIGN. This cutting-edge system, which is now based on the ultra-modern ROTALIGN Ultra computer, answers to industry’s needs for quick and efficient measurement of surface flatness. The computer’s large color backlit display shows all relevant information, including a context sensitive menu, in a self-explanatory manner. As an example, in the result screen, the colored tolerance code for eachmeasured point indicates if and to what extent tolerances are met. The system provides an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m up to a diameter of 40 m. Use the freeware ALIGNMENT REPORTER to print detailed customized measurement reports and to backup measurement files on the PC. For more demanding applications, use ALIGNMENT CENTER the optional WindowsTM based PC software platform to generate colour measurement reports, measure infinite number of points and verify parallelism between different surfaces.

  • Complete hardware and software package
  • InfiniSplice™ measurement for infinite number of points and surface areas
  • Wireless communication between computer and receiver (optional)
  • Select any number of fixed/reference points
  • Compare measurement files
  • Measure angles between surfaces
  • Present result values as positive, negative or both positive and negative
  • Variety of reference planes
  • Concise navigation
  • Context sensitive menu
  • Large backlit color screen
  • USB connection for peripheral devices: PC, printer, memory stick
  • Heavy-duty Li-Ion battery
  • Housing for disposable batteries (optional)
  • Cost effective upgrade for existing ROTALIGN Ultra customers
  • Export to Excel
  • Customize reports
  • HTML reports
  • Technical Specifications
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Alignment of bores in diesel engines, compressors, pumps, gearboxes and gas turbines.Proper repair and reconditioning of combustion engines, compressors and pumps requires exact measurement of the alignment of crankshaft and camshaft bores, cylinder bores and crosshead guides. This is usually accomplished by optical or wire-based methods. BORALIGN Ultra is a precision laser alignment system designed to replace those older and more time-consuming technologies. It is much faster, very precise, and provides a clear measurement protocol.

  • True bore center measurement – the eccentricity error is determined Universal pointer and customized brackets for bore diameters ranging from 45 mm to 4000 mm
  • Measurement of both magnetic and non-magnetic bores
  • Ease of handling, lightweight components and laser technology make equipment set-up simple
  • Precise user independent measurements and results
  • View the minimum corrections required
  • Wireless data transmission and conveniency
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Continuous alignment monitoring. PERMALIGN utilizes laser optics to continuously maintain a watchful eye on shaft alignment during machine operation, notifying the operator if tolerances are exceeded. Easy-to-use PC software lets you use the system to verify thermal growth specifications of machines with unsurpassed accuracy - and with less effort than you might have thought possible. WINPERMA is a PC software for monitoring thermal growth and alignment using PERMALIGN sensors. WINPERMA connects up to 16 PERMALIGNs, continuously reading-in and storing measurements for a comprehensive monitoring analysis.Detailed graphs of any PERMALIGN parameter can be displayed, even incorporating measurements into formulae to calculate and display machine feet movement or coupling offset.

    PERMALIGN at a glance
  • Continuous monitoring of shaft alignment and displacement
  • Can be mounted on any machine
  • Measures up to 16 mm of horizontal and vertical machine displacement
  • Intrinsic safety (option)

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INCLINEO is a powerful system utilizing high precision electronic inclinometer technology with a resolution of 0.0003 degrees. In combination with interchangeable mounting bases INCLINEO measures relative or absolute angularity, flatness, levelness, or parallelism of surfaces; as well as plumbness of vertical shafts, perpendicularity of planes, and straightness along a line. Its rotatable housing allows the INCLINEO to take measurements at any angular position, including surfaces with a steep inclination. The 3-key operation makes INCLINEO versatile, ensuring flexibility during measurements and creating effective operation in advanced applications.

Surface flatness measurements using INCLINEO are simple. A reference grid is laid out on the surface to be measured and the INCLINEO is moved between each marked location, measuring the angle over a known distance.

The system features integrated wireless communication technology which sends the measurements to a computer running the ALIGNMENT CENTER software. The surface profile of the measured component is shown in full color 2-D and 3-D graphic display with color coded tolerance levels giving a clear representation of the results.

Shaft plumbness is calculated by comparing the INCLINEO measurements at opposite positions.

    Its nearly limitless applications include:
  • Baseplate/foundation flatness and levelness
  • Perpendicularity/Parallelism of machine tool components
  • Rail straightness
  • Flange flatness
  • Turbine casing flatness and levelness
  • Wind turbine tower flatness and levelness
  • Straightness and bending curves of long shafts in marine propulsion systems
  • Vertical hydro turbine plumbness, straightness and "dog leg" measurements
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