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Compact chain-type bracket ALI 2.891 set

Universal mounting for PRÜFTECHNIK products: Mounts in less than a minute, fits shaft and coupling diameters of, approx. 15 mm to 500 mm / 5/8“ to 20“ , readily-available replacement parts.
Compact magnetic bracket ALI 2.112 set

Instant mounting for PRÜFTECHNIK products: Magnetic mounting is fastest, easiest, fits onto any ferromagnetic surface, extremely rigid, but simple to adjust.

Extra-thin bracket ALI 2.109 set

Perfect for extremely narrow mounting space: Mounts in only 8 mm / 5/16“ space, slip-nut design mounts quickly, fits diameters up to 160 mm / 6 5/16“.

Magnetic sliding bracket ALI 2.230 set

Perfect for aligning stationary shafts. Slides around coupling flange or shaft end, for diameters of 80 mm / 3 1/8“ and up, use on one or both coupling sides.

Magnetic bolt hole bracket ALI 2.761 set

Perfect for mounting on extremely large couplings: No radial clearance required!, fits onto any ferromagnetic surface, extremely rigid, but simple to adjust.


Mount the M3 Brackets on the bearing housings, take two separate rotational readings, hot-running and cold-stopped, using any of our Shaft Alignment Systems and compare the results. Any difference suggests positional change has taken place!

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